It’s over

Dear all,

After thorough consideration we have decided to end the band project.

The past four years have been very intense and have provided some truly amazing experiences for all of us never to be forgotten: releasing two records, playing great venues in front of great fans, working with talented people – so many things could be mentioned.

But after finishing our last album it has become evident that we have very different wishes as to how to shape the future version of the band. Differences that make us unable to continue working together as a group.

We split as good friends – with much appreciation towards each other. We are greatful for having worked together in this project.

We apologize for cancelling the shows we were scheduled to play earlier this month. We ask those of you who bought tickets to forgive us for this inconvenience.

We will all continue to write and play music in other contexts and will keep you posted on our individual activities via MySpace.

Thank you all for caring, listening and supporting us. It has meant a great deal to us all.

Until later,

The band formerly known as Decorate Decorate



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KODA support

We want to thank KODA for a very much appreciated contribution to the making of Instructions.

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Show cancelled

Next Thursday’s show at Lille Vega has been cancelled.

We’re truly sorry about this. Tickets can be refunded where bought.


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Show at Lille VEGA moved

We regret to inform you guys that we have had to move our concert at Lille Vega this saturday to September 3rd in Lille VEGA aswell. We are really anxious to get back out there on stage and we are sorry for those of you who were looking forward to this show. You can have your money refunded where you bought them.

We are now planning a concert in Copenhagen on the 20th of this month and we will let you know when and where shortly. This will be a free show with limited attendants (200 persons will get free tickets) and we will combine it with a huge release party with several djs including us. We hope this will be a night to remember.

We are planning a massive tour of Denmark in September.


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Help needed – vote for Decorate Decorate

This sunday Denmarks Radios finest alternative chart has tested our song ‘Away’. Please help us get into the list by sending a mail to with a top three from this list (including us please):

  1. Snake and Jets Amazing Bullitband / Sleeping Turtleneck
  2. Taxi Taxi! / More Childish than in a Long Time
  3. Must Go Radio / Alhambra
  4. Er De Sjældne / Spurvehøg 
  5. Telestjernen og Maria Timm / Kys Kys 
  6. Solhorn / Snegl og Tale
  7. Troels Abrahamsen / Nothing comes to those who wait
  8. Mew / Introducing Palace Players
  9. Marissa Nadler / Heart Paper Lover 
  10. Le Corps Mince dr Francoise / Bitch of the Bitches 
  11. Green Pitch / A letter of stone
  13. God Help The Girl / Come Monday Night
  14. The radio department / David
  15. Regina Spektor / Laughing With

We really hope that we can get back into this beautiful list.

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Rehearsing for June 13th

It is a stormy wednesday filled with sun and such. We have been rehearsing like crazy for the last couple of weeks in order to be perfectly fit for the show at Lille VEGA on the 13th of june. We haven’t played live for more than 8 months so we are really excited and a tad nervous to be back out there. For starters we will only play one show on this side of summer but we are currently booking an extensive tour of Denmark after summer. Furthermore we hope to get a tour going south of the border to see all you nice dutch and german people that have written to us.

As said earlier we no longer play with Jan Kromann which means that we had to get a new bass player for live shows. We have the pleasure of playing with the marvellous guy Mixen who plays in Hatesphere. He really gives our sound a nice boost. He’s a terrific guy and a fast learner so there’s no doubt that he will be fully fit to play for us in the future.

It’s nice to be back. We have missed this. We hope to see you soon in Lille VEGA.


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‘Instructions’ is out

The album is out. Get your copy via iTunes or your local record dealer.

So far the album has been well recieved. A few reviews and an interview in the latest issue of GAFFA are now online – all in Danish though. Here are some translated excerpts:

“Maybe the best young Danish rock band at the moment”
Magasinet KBH: 5/6

“… an intensity rarely heard in Danish rock”
GAFFA (on ‘Europe Has No Heart’): 4/6

“The sound is big and breathtaking”
Undertoner: 4/6

We are looking forward to hearing your responses!


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