‘Instructions’ is out

The album is out. Get your copy via iTunes or your local record dealer.

So far the album has been well recieved. A few reviews and an interview in the latest issue of GAFFA are now online – all in Danish though. Here are some translated excerpts:

“Maybe the best young Danish rock band at the moment”
Magasinet KBH: 5/6

“… an intensity rarely heard in Danish rock”
GAFFA (on ‘Europe Has No Heart’): 4/6

“The sound is big and breathtaking”
Undertoner: 4/6

We are looking forward to hearing your responses!



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2 responses to “‘Instructions’ is out

  1. Alain


    What a great album. I discovered you on lastfm and i bought your LP and the EP online just after listening 2 mp3.
    Every song is perfect, music and voice are just wonderfull.

    I hope you’ll come in France for a Live session.

    Alain, a french new fan

    • decoratedecorate

      Hey Alain, thanks for your response. It’s great to hear that you like the album.

      We would love to come to France – someday we probably will.



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