Rehearsing for June 13th

It is a stormy wednesday filled with sun and such. We have been rehearsing like crazy for the last couple of weeks in order to be perfectly fit for the show at Lille VEGA on the 13th of june. We haven’t played live for more than 8 months so we are really excited and a tad nervous to be back out there. For starters we will only play one show on this side of summer but we are currently booking an extensive tour of Denmark after summer. Furthermore we hope to get a tour going south of the border to see all you nice dutch and german people that have written to us.

As said earlier we no longer play with Jan Kromann which means that we had to get a new bass player for live shows. We have the pleasure of playing with the marvellous guy Mixen who plays in Hatesphere. He really gives our sound a nice boost. He’s a terrific guy and a fast learner so there’s no doubt that he will be fully fit to play for us in the future.

It’s nice to be back. We have missed this. We hope to see you soon in Lille VEGA.



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One response to “Rehearsing for June 13th

  1. The hour is upon us……..

    Ses i lille vega 🙂

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