Help needed – vote for Decorate Decorate

This sunday Denmarks Radios finest alternative chart has tested our song ‘Away’. Please help us get into the list by sending a mail to with a top three from this list (including us please):

  1. Snake and Jets Amazing Bullitband / Sleeping Turtleneck
  2. Taxi Taxi! / More Childish than in a Long Time
  3. Must Go Radio / Alhambra
  4. Er De Sjældne / Spurvehøg 
  5. Telestjernen og Maria Timm / Kys Kys 
  6. Solhorn / Snegl og Tale
  7. Troels Abrahamsen / Nothing comes to those who wait
  8. Mew / Introducing Palace Players
  9. Marissa Nadler / Heart Paper Lover 
  10. Le Corps Mince dr Francoise / Bitch of the Bitches 
  11. Green Pitch / A letter of stone
  13. God Help The Girl / Come Monday Night
  14. The radio department / David
  15. Regina Spektor / Laughing With

We really hope that we can get back into this beautiful list.


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