Show at Lille VEGA moved

We regret to inform you guys that we have had to move our concert at Lille Vega this saturday to September 3rd in Lille VEGA aswell. We are really anxious to get back out there on stage and we are sorry for those of you who were looking forward to this show. You can have your money refunded where you bought them.

We are now planning a concert in Copenhagen on the 20th of this month and we will let you know when and where shortly. This will be a free show with limited attendants (200 persons will get free tickets) and we will combine it with a huge release party with several djs including us. We hope this will be a night to remember.

We are planning a massive tour of Denmark in September.



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2 responses to “Show at Lille VEGA moved

  1. TVR

    Why did you cancel it?

    “Grundet uforudsete omstændigheder er koncerten desværre blevet aflyst. Billetter refunderes via Billetlugen.” (

  2. SST

    If you’re planning on doing a massive Denmark tour, why not do the trip over to Malmö or Lund.. either way I’m going to see you whenever there’s a Copenhagen date… love your album, it’s a spectacular debut!!

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