Record label

A:larm Music
Att.: Mads Rosted (Head of Promotion)




5 responses to “Contact

  1. Harry Winkelmolen

    Hee guys,

    the album sounds great so I was wondering if you release it on vinyl so I can play it when I’m djing here in the Netherlands.


    H.A.R. (I deejayed at the Geleen Calling festival)

  2. decoratedecorate

    Hey Harry

    Unfortunately (to begin with) Instructions will not be released on vinyl. Maybe later- we don’t know at this time. We hope you will find another way to fit the songs into your DJ set.

    Thank you – see you around.


  3. Tsja...

    Damn what a good album, be proud of it!!

  4. Amber

    You made damn great music, guys.
    Wish you lots of fun and luck in the future~
    Lovely greets from Norhtern Germany.

  5. robink


    About the parting of the ways.

    Kindly keep the site updated with any solo or new projects you all might pursue… so many influences evident in the songs… so many frames of references… this coherency was magically invigorating… layer upon layer of to be discovered bliss!!!!!

    Also, any chance on getting the lyrics for your songs somewhere… ?

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